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Water Features And Gardens

Water Garden


We specialize in design and construction of ponds and waterscapes.


Our main goal is to create a water feature that is both beautiful and natural looking, while requiring minimal maintenance and operating expenses.


Water plants are truly the “emerald” jewels of the gardening world. Self-watering and hardy, these plants return year after year. You can even plant tropical lilies that bloom at night. The beauty and low maintenance of aquatic plants provide a truly unique accent to any water garden.


Environmentally friendly and completely customized water features can be installed anywhere. In addition, water features, like other types of landscaping, mature with age and continue to beautify your property.


Water features are today’s hottest trend in landscaping.Any part of your existing landscape including pool, pond, rainwater collection and more can be transformed into beautiful, low maintenance water features. As you sit back and listen to the tranquilizing sounds of your water feature, you will enjoy a little paradise in your own backyard!

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